About Me.

What Do I Like?

Quick get to know me:

Like most guys my age I grew up playing football and watching Dragonball Z.


I have always enjoyed creating things. Drawing non-stop and convincing my dad to help me build a wooden guitar for a year 7 music project whilst everyone else used shoe boxes and elastic bands might have been an indication that I’d end up in a creative job in the future.


Most of my work is on computers nowadays but I still enjoy a good DIY job at home.


Something I was always tried to stick to is evidenced based design. I was taught to always have a reason for the elements you use within your work. I have noticed over the past few years that user experience has become a real focus when it comes to digital products and it is really satisfying knowing that your work has meaning and isn’t just a “pretty” image.

Motion Graphics

I’ll be the first to admit that I have had no formal education in motion design. My knowledge so far comes from practise and YouTube tutorials. There is no better way to learn than doing, I would look at my static work and think, how cool would it be if this bit was to fly in or if the background had a subtle bit of movement.


I haven’t been working on motion graphic jobs for long, I started teaching myself late 2015 and have loved it ever since.

Logo / Branding Design

Like I have mentioned before, when design has meaning and purpose, you can’t beat it. Designing logos and branding a business is one of the areas where you can really get stuck into the meaning behind everything you produce. I love looking at the little details of a business and seeing if I can bring that to the forefront of a brand. Everyone and their dog can create something that looks good but is it right for that person or client, that is where good design is separated from the everyday norm.

Work Experience


(2015 – Present)

Dealogic is one of the world’s largest financial data and software companies in the world. Whilst working for Dealogic I have be implemented within both the UX and Marketing Teams. Working within the UX team to design and help build software for the financial industry. By understanding the users and their day to day lives we have been able to build products that are used by over 80% of investment banks across the globe.


Building design systems for UI as well as CSS style sheets I have been involved with the development of products not only from a visual aid but also from a build aspect as well.

One of my biggest achievements within the company has been taking ownership over the internal marketing system; I was entrusted with the responsibility of how important business information is communicated to every employee across the business. The company has upwards of six hundred employees across ten offices, including but not limited to the United States, Budapest, Hong Kong, and Sydney.


I have used a number of techniques and skills to capture and engage our employees ranging from videos to infographics. I have also designed apps which can be used internally to help employees learn and gain the advantages they need to better engage with our clients.

Beyond Analysis

(2012 – 2015)

Beyond Analysis is an award winning big data consultancy company who help clients utilise there data to it’s full potential. Throughout my time at Beyond Analysis I worked heavily on information design. We helped visualise the potential of our clients data through a number of mediums, Presentations, Infographics, Story Boards, App Prototypes.


Some of our biggest clients were Visa, O2, Penguin Books, and Sport England.

For Visa we help design and build a persona pack for their UK customer base. Visa wanted to better target their customers with deals and offers that suited their life style and spending habits. It was our job to take the data Visa provided and design 10 personas, grouping spending habits and life style. These 10 personas would identify what type of shops people are likely to spend at, their budgets, likes and dislikes.


These personas where then used to help launch Visa’s first deals and offers app which we helped conceptualise, design, and prototype.

Tag Design UK

(2011 – 2012)

Tag Design UK is a small design agency who work predominantly in the Essex area of the UK. They work on a number of different design projects ranging from branding, web design, video, and nightclub promotions.

My role at Tag Design UK was to help with the promotion of night club events. I would design posters, flyers, and web banners to help promote the clients experiences.